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Tricorr sp. z o.o. was established in early 2015. The Company was founded by specialists in the production and sale of flexible metal components, such as flexible metal hoses, bellows expansion joints and pipeline supports and hangers, with many years of experience in manufacturing, trade and, above all, in technical consulting.

Tricorr’s mission is to satisfy customer needs in the widely understood industry, particularly in the machine-building, chemical, refining, power generation, metal processing, and automotive industry, as well as in the sectors supplying components and installations for the construction and fire protection industry. Products offered by Tricorr have all the necessary certificates and approvals for specific applications. Tricorr’s production process has also been certified and the Company’s production partners are members of the Association Euro-Qualiflex (AEQ). Tricorr has been awarded ISO 9001:2009 and EN 3834-2 certificates.

The greatest strength of Tricorr is its know-how as well as its experience in production and consultancy covering specialised products. First and foremost, however, Tricorr prides itself on its international infrastructure which enables the Company to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers, solve difficult technical problems and participate in large projects.


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Expansion Joints

Expansion joints offered by Tricorr with diameters of up to DN2500 are designed and manufactured to the highest DIN EN and EJMA standards, meeting the broadest range of specific technical and quality requirements set out in the relevant certificates.

Metal Hoses

Metal hoses up to DN 200 are produced by Tricorr as per 10380 and using the TIG welding method and flame brazing according to the agreed and certified welding technologies. Tricorr also offers a range of specialist hoses, including gas connections compliant with EN14800, sprinkler hoses, vibration dampers and others.

Pipeline Supports And Hangers

TTricorr’s solutions for fixing pipelines, such as variable- and constant-load suspensions, supports and hydraulic vibration dampers, also meet the highest technical and quality criteria, as evidenced, for example, by certificates for installations in the nuclear power industry.

Components Of Industrial Installations

Tricorr offers a wide range of equipment components intended for use in industrial water, steam and gas installations, including steam traps, valves, level gauges, insulation mantles and many others.


The main focus of our business operations is to satisfy Customers’ needs at any stage of cooperation — from the design stage, through the analysis of applications to a finished product.

As a supplier and manufacturer of flexible metal and rubber components, we strive to establish the best possible contacts and relations with our partners in order to better understand their requirements and needs and to work together effectively to solve problems by providing the best and most cost-effective solutions.If your expectations and needs are similar to ours and you would like to work with us to tackle your technical challenges, please contact us. We are always ready to present our offering, lend support and provide you with the best technical solution.


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